Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Google Maps

I found out using Google Maps that the suggested route to SST was taking a train from Pasir Ris MRT station to Clementi MRT station. From there i will walk to SST. Besides telling me suggested routes to SST, Google Maps also tells me the time taken to reach SST. I believe that the information Google Maps provides me with is very useful as it helps me find the best route to a location that i may not know how to get to or a different, possibly shorter route, to a location that i already know.


  1. Good discovery on your route to school.

    Based on what you described, did you notice that Google Maps doesn't offer a 'complete' solution?

    What if you do not wish to walk to school (in a day when you carry lots of things)? What alternative suggestion could Google Maps provide? Test it out :D

  2. Hello Ms Loh,
    I managed to find out that i'm able to take 2 buses from Clmenti station, 185 and 189, to SST by clicking on the bus icon on Goggle Maps. This will also be helpful if i'm too lazy to walk or if it rains. :)

  3. Hiya Lucas Im jonan i live in pasir ris as well but you know me! ^-^

  4. Eh we both live in the same area so we're gonna know each other eventually! ^-^