Monday, January 4, 2010

Bridge building activity personal reflections

Firstly I would like to say that i had a lot of fun building a bridge with my new classmates! I find working as a team has its pros and cons. For example, working together can result in faster completion of a project because everyone is doing their part by building or contributing to the project. However, working together may lead to different points of views from team members, resulting in arguments that may disband the team. I found it very exciting to interact with my team as everyone was enthusiastic about building the bridge. In the midst of building the bridge, i found out that i tend to make mistakes when I'm putting things together. Therefore, I am better off helping the team brainstorm on ideas and writing a short writeup on what our project is about. I was a little nervous about joining my team at first because I was afraid that we would not get along well with each other or have different points of view. Even though we did have different points of view, my team managed to overcome it and decide on one concept on how to build the bridge.

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